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Justyna Majewska

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Royal Icing Easter Cookies - Justyna Majewska

To the artist:

Justyna Majewska comes from Poland and has been living in Germany since she was 7 years old. She discovered her love for Royal Icing 5 years ago when she discovered the works of Sif Beth on the Internet and since then her whole life has been devoted to it. 

On art:

Justyna has been self-employed since 2015 and gives courses on this subject throughout Europe. She has already won several baking competitions in various categories. Her successes include the best-of-class title in the "Mini Sweet Table" category in Dortmund in 2017 and the gold title in the "Small Decorative Element" category in Essen in 2018.

While she published several articles in the Polish trade journal "Meister der Industrie" from 2016-2018, Justyna also held the chair of the jury at the international competition "Łódź you Like a | Cookie" in Poland in 2018. 

About the workshop:


In this course each participant will learn the different consistencies of Royal Icing, as well as the different techniques and effects that can be achieved with it. A total of 6 different biscuits will be decorated. The covering of biscuits and the modelling of biscuit decorations are used. You will also learn how to work with stencils and icing and how to use various decorative elements and techniques. Tips and tricks for making biscuits should not be missing either. 

Justyna's workshops take place once a day at the fair. Saturday from 11 - 13 o'clock and Sunday from 9 - 11 o'clock. A workshop lasts between 2 and 2.5 hours and offers space for 10 participants. The participation fee is 25 €. 

approx. 2 to 2.5 hrs. 

25 Euro

up to 10

Saturday from 11 - 13 o'clock
Sunday from 9 - 11 o'clock

Registration for the workshop is only possible on site at the fair!


Royal Icing Easter Cookies - Justyna Majewska
Royal Icing Easter Cookies - Justyna Majewska