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˅ Exhibition Overview ˅

Heike Darmstädter

Heike Darmstädter

Painting on Fondant - Heike Darmstädter

About the artist:

My name is Heike Darmstädter, many people know me by the name "Kreatives mit Herz". I live with my husband and my three sons on an idyllic farm in Hessen. My children, their love of nature and their preference for high-quality food led me to the beautiful hobby of motif cakes in 2012. Even as a small child I was allowed to help my mother bake cakes in the kitchen and since then I have not stopped baking. In 2013 I took heart and registered for my first cake competition. Here I could live out my passion for painting in a new way. Painting on cakes has been my passion ever since and I have been awarded several gold and silver medals as well as the "Best in Class" and "Best of Show" awards at various competitions at home and abroad. 

Ober her art:

Since 2015 I have also been active in the cake scene as a juror and pursue this honourable task with passion. During a TV appearance on VOX's "Tortenschlacht" programme, I was able to prove that the taste and appearance of motif cakes are compatible. I give courses in cake design, both in Hessen and throughout Germany, as well as throughout Europe. Here I get to know many wonderful people who are all connected by the same thing: The love and devotion to art at the cake.

The Workshop: Booth 3B.C86


Immerse yourself in the world of colours! With my help you will learn how to use brushes, food colours and everything around the techniques "Painting on sugar". After this workshop you will be able to paint beautiful motives on fondant. Let yourself be enchanted and feel the passion that connects me with painting.  

Please bring a cardboard box for home transport!


approx. 1 hour


15 Euro


up to 15


Saturday and Sunday:

10-11 a.m. Painting on fondant "bee

12-13 Painting on Fondant "Frida"

14-15 Painting on Fondant "Pig"

16-17 Painting on Fondant "Frida"

Registration for the workshop is only possible on site at the fair!


Painting on Fondant - Heike Darmstädter
Painting on Fondant - Heike Darmstädter
Painting on Fondant - Heike Darmstädter
Painting on Fondant - Heike Darmstädter