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˅ Exhibition Overview ˅


We introduce our jury:

Bild: Heike Darmstädter
Bild: Heike Darmstädter
Bild: TortenBoss
Bild: TortenBoss
Bild: Tobias Müller - Der Kuchenbächer
Bild: Tobias Müller - Der Kuchenbächer
Bild: Justyna Mayewska
Bild: Justyna Mayewska
The jury | Photo: Silvia Kriens

Head of Judge: Heike Darmstädter

Heike Darmstädter, known to many people as "Kreatives mit Herz", has been a juror in the cake scene since 2015 and is passionate about this honourable task. She has been taking part in cake competitions herself since 2013 and has already won several gold and silver medals as well as the Best of Class and Best of Show awards. The cake designer also passes on her passion in Europe-wide courses. We are very pleased to introduce Heike Darmstädter as the jury leader for the CAKE DREAMS 2019 cake competition!

Jury members:


The TortenBoss is a skilled confectioner and confectionery salesman. Already at the age of 22 he took over his first café and only 5 years later opened his show confectionery in Krefeld. Today he runs both very successfully and with great passion. The name of the TortenBoss, which he once gave himself, quickly became a well-known brand. Every day the confectioner delights hundreds of guests with beautiful and lovingly baked cakes in his TortenBoss Café. 

Tobias Müller - The pie maker

Tobias Müller, alias "Der Kuchenbäcker", is one of the most important influencers and multipliers in the field of baking. He writes about the bakeries of foreign countries in his "Bake and the City" books, cooperates with well-known companies and is booked for events and workshops. Due to his expertise he is currently very popular as a jury member in baking competitions and was already a guest juror on the "MasterChef" programme.

Anna Bork

Anna Bork, better known under the name "Flower Cake by Anna", was already a jury member at the competition "Łódź you Like a | Cookie" in Poland. In addition, the cake designer knows the cake scene very well, as she regularly takes part in competitions herself. Most recently, she was awarded the "Best of Class" prize in the "Topsy Turvy from real cake" category. The native Polish has found her passion in the field of sugar floristry and regularly gives courses on this topic in Germany and Poland.

Justyna Mayewska

Justyna Mayewska was the chairman of the jury of the international competition "Łódź you Like a | Cookie" in Poland in 2018. She herself takes part very successfully in various competitions and wrote for two years for a Polish trade magazine on the subject of baking. Her area of expertise is Royal Icing. In order to bring her passion for baking to others as well, the Polish-born artist has been giving Europe-wide workshops since 2015. 


Jury talk

As jury leader Heike Darmstädter offers a jury discussion on Sunday for all interested participants of the pie competition. Who would like to participate in it, comes between 9:00 clock and 9:45 clock to the conditions 3B.C86. Who is not possible a discussion in this period, that can constitute with Heike Darmstädter a separate date during the 2. Messetages.

There are no limits to your imagination. Simply select the category that suits you best, register at our ticket shop and bake.

The winners will receive the following prizes per category:

  • 1st place: 150,00 €
  • 2nd place: 100,00 €
  • 3rd place: 50,00 €

All further information and timings can be found in our Initiates file downloadRules and Regulations (in German).

Opens external link in new window>> Register here

We look forward to your submissions.



[Translate to English:] Tortenwettbewerb: Beginner ©Fotolia

You have only recently discovered your passion for fondant cakes. But you really enjoy making them.

How about a professional assessment and tips from real professional experts?! Participate!


[Translate to English:] Tortenwettbewerb, Kategorie: Wedding, ©Fotolia

The wedding season starts and what would a wedding be without a dream cake? A real eye-catcher is wanted. Big, beautiful & unusual! A special assessment by the Cake Boss! 


[Translate to English:] Tortenwettbewerb, Kategorie: Einhorn, ©Fotolia

There has been a big hype about the glitter pony. We want to bid an honourable farewell to that hype. The motto now is: Give everything again to make the coolest, sweetest and most creative unicorn gateau.


[Translate to English:] Tortenwettbewerb, Kategorie: 2 Faces, ©Fotolia

Sun & rain, heaven & hell, classic & crazy. There are many opposites. Show us how you get them onto a cake. Design two different sides on your 2-tier cake!


[Translate to English:] Tortenwettbewerb, Kategorie: Dripped Cakes, ©Fotolia

The Dripcake comes from English and means translated as "dripping cake". 

The heart of the dripcake is not in it, but on it. 

Show us the perfect drip! 

When choosing your cake creams there are no limits. Whether butter creams or a ganache, enchant us with an appetizing looking exterior and let your imagination play with the decoration. 

Make the Drip Cake YOUR very personal heart! 

Winner cake competition 2018

Category: 2Faces | Photo: Silvia Kriens
Category: 2Faces | Photo: Silvia Kriens
Category: Beginner | Photo: Silvia Kriens
Category: Beginner | Photo: Silvia Kriens
Category: Unicorn | Photo: Silvia Kriens
Category: Unicorn | Photo: Silvia Kriens
Category: Wedding | Photo: Silvia Kriens
Category: Wedding | Photo: Silvia Kriens
Category: Dripped Cake | Photo: Silvia Kriens
Category: Dripped Cake | Photo: Silvia Kriens