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˅ Exhibition Overview ˅


Discover this year's artists of CAKE DREAMS 2019 who will be part of the stage program.

Enie van de Meiklokjes

Enie van de Meiklokjes, Foto: Caroline Pitzke

Enie van de Meiklokjes was born on 01 August 1974 in Potsdam. Her affinity for the creative was already evident in her choice of career. As a trained display designer, no house, castle or guest bathroom is safe from her critical gaze even today. Her television career began for Enie in 1996 with the music channel VIVA, where she moderated the programme "VIVA FAMILY" and later became the presenter and face of "BRAVO TV". In the following years the Potsdamerin was involved in various television productions. Among other things, she became an agent for special cases in the children's programme "PuR" on ZDF tivi and led the show "LOLA - Das Magazin für Frauen" on arte. From 2004 to 2009, one could watch Enie every day as she helped her fellow citizens to stylishly furnished apartments in the VOX magazine "Wohnen nach Wunsch - Ein Duo für vier Wände!

The mother of twins has made a name for herself in recent years under the title "Sweet & Easy". Since 2012 she has been leading her own show "Sweet & Easy - Enie backt" on SIXX and started selling her first baking recipe book "Meine Rezepte: Sweet & Easy - Enie backt" in the same year. In 2017, SIXX expanded its programme and launched the programme "Sweet & Easy - Das Foodmagazin" with Enie.

In addition to her own show, Enie is probably best known from the Sat.1 format "Das große Backen". While she initially sat on the jury in 2013, she has been guiding viewers through the programme as a presenter since 2014.

Parallel to her work as a presenter and author, Enie has been delighted to support the German Children's Fund as an ambassador since 2007 and has been involved in the preservation of the forest as part of the WWF since 2011.

René Oliver

René Oliver
René Oliver

When René Oliver baked his first cake together with his beloved grandma at the age of 7, he probably never dreamed how far his passion for baking would take him.

Today, René is a creative baker at the forefront of modern baking culture, which is experiencing a new renaissance among the general public. He presents new baking ideas and sets cool innovative trends like no other in his very charismatic and endearingly honest manner. 

Whether on TV in front of an audience of millions or at his own baking courses, René Oliver is always good for a laugh and never takes himself too seriously.

He has incorporated all this into his new baking book. Whether a special Spreewald cucumber cake, low carb cakes or creative celebrity cakes: René Oliver knows how to entertain his community with the latest market trends and his personal touch.

The TortenBoss

Photo: The TortenBoss

Mohamed Omeirat is the cake boss! The path to this name began in his early youth. His dream has always been to become a confectioner. At first, however, he completed an apprenticeship as a confectionery salesman after graduating from school and was the first journeyman who was allowed to carry this title in the Federal Republic of Germany. Afterwards Mohamed decided to do another apprenticeship and finally became a confectioner. 

Only a few years later Mohamed took over the "Wiener Café" in Krefeld from his former superior. But that was not all: Only 5 years later, the then 27-year-old opened his show pastry shop. Here customers can inspect his craft and get enthusiastic about the art behind baking and decorating cakes.  

Shortly afterwards the name "TortenBoss" came into being. This describes the Krefeld perfectly and is now a registered trademark. The "Wiener Café" became the "TrotenBoss Café". 

Baking is Mohamed's passion and he has fulfilled a dream with his own café and his show confectionery, which he would like to share with everyone. Every day he delights many people with beautiful cakes baked with love. He also makes cakes for various occasions. Whether wedding cake, birthday cake or theme cake, at TortenBoss everything is possible!